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Learn to read and write in an easy 3-step process!

The Spell and Write Language Builder is the perfect way to help teach your child reading and writing at an early age. In this educational game you will teach your child how to read and write basic words using the Montessori 3-step process.

In the most basic sense, the Montessori Method is about teaching your child through play. By combining play and education your child will be instilled with a love of learning that will carry them forward in life. In this game your child will: put the word puzzles together in the little houses, write words using the moveable letters, then practice writing them themselves with the pen provided. The materials in this game are reusable so your child will be able to enjoy it as much as they want after you are done showing them how to play the game. The gorgeous illustrations in this game are done by Sophia Touliatou.

Ages 3-6

This game comes with 3 word building houses, 80 cardboard letters, 3 whiteboards, 1 erasable pen and 12 gorgeous puzzles of different lengths.


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