Sound Input Sensory Pack



Popper Keychain Choice

Product Description

Sound can be a powerful tool to both calm and entertain, and this pack is the perfect way to facilitate that! With a wide range of products with a fun variety of different sounds, these products are bound to become important additions to your sensory tool box! The products are designed to calm and relax through various auditory input sounds.

  • Spiky silicone pencil gripper/topperĀ 
  • Pop Toobs – 2 sizesĀ 
  • HeadphonesĀ 
  • Sound MachineĀ 
  • RainstickĀ 
  • Spinner FidgetĀ 
  • Crinkle Wrist Weight with PopperĀ 
  • Your choice of Popper Keychain (Unicorn or Simpl Dimple)


  • Weight: 2 lb

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