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This fun sensory toy sparks learning and exploration in young minds! Each textured block is a certain shape that will only fit into a certain hole, helping young ones learn to match shapes while also getting the textural sensory input from the blocks.

Once they match the shape to the hole, they then drop the shape into the special balance bin – shaped like a half-circle, the child will have to help the bin hold still long enough to drop in the block, helping to work on their reasoning skills. 

After all the blocks have been dropped into the bin, children can reach through the elastic bands with their hands to pull the blocks back out themselves! Having to pull aside the elastic bands helps build strength in their hands and fingers, which is important for future fine-motor skills that will eventually help them with things like handwriting and tying their shoes.

Comes with Balance Bin and 7 textured blocks


  • Weight: 1 lb

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