Snow Ball Crunch Soft Squeeze Ball


$4.60 - $10.00


Do you want this ball in a durable lycra pouch?

Product Description

When you squeeze this Snow Ball Crunch Soft Squeeze Ball, it feels and sounds like you’re crunching through fresh snow! It’s a terrific pressure squeeze with the fun addition of auditory sensory input. 

Give it a gentle squeeze to help engage the brain for focus, keep restless hands busy, strengthen fingers and hands, or calm anxiety. 

This toy would make a great addition to a sensory calming corner for children who are aware that it’s not designed to be used for aggression and that it can pop if squished too aggressively. It is important to advise your children that soft squeezes are the way to go to prolong this squeeze ball’s life!


  • Weight: 1 lb

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