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What’s a Smoodle? We’re glad you asked! Smoodles are the perfect twiddley fidget for hands that love to twist and turn. This fidget is great for keeping busy hands occupied, allowing your child to focus on other tasks, such as classroom activities or even when out and about. Not only do the Smoodles have fun textures along their body, they are bendable into a variety of different positions!

While your child twists and turns the Smoodles around their fingers and hands, they are actually working on building their hand and finger strength as well! The strength that they gain through twiddling will help them complete other functional tasks, such as dressing, handwriting, and tying shoes. 

These cute characters are available in 4 cool colors. Each color has a different raised shape that runs along the length of its body. It’s fun to close your eyes, run your fingers along them, and try to identify which shape you’re feeling! Can you choose just 1? 

  • Sunny is orange and has a rectangular-shaped head with raised rectangles.
  • Sprinkle is purple and has an oval-shaped head with raised circles.
  • Sage is green and has a rounded head with raised diamonds.
  • Spikey is blue and has a pyramid-shaped head with raised pyramids.


  • Weight: 1 lb

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