Slime and Dinos



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Product Description

Squishy Slimy Dinos are so much fun! This set includes a 12 oz. tub of ooey-gooey slime, with dinosaurs trapped inside!

As your child removes the dinosaurs from the slime, they are working on their fine motor strength and co-ordination. This set not only includes 4 squishy dinosaurs, but also a squishy ball, and a nubby ball! Encourage your child to squish all of the slime out of the squishy ball!

Slime is also a great way for children to explore different sensory textures, which is important for their haptic perception development. Haptic Perception is the ability to describe how an object feels without having to use visual stimuli. This is developed through exposing your child to many different sensory stimuli, such as these Squishy Slimy Dinos!

Appropriate for children 5 and up

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