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Adopt these Skwishy Pets today! In each set are three adorable squishy pets: a bunny, a kitty-cat, and a pig!

The Skwishy Pets would be a great tool for any child who enjoys fidgeting to have, as these are small enough to slip into a pocket and fidget with without distracting others. Each of the three pets have a suction on the bottom of their bodies, making them fun to stick to different surfaces, such as windows and even your palm!

All three have a very soft, pleasing texture, making them functional (as well as adorable!) for children who need to keep their hands moving in order to focus in the classroom or at home. 

The pets could even be used as a sensory reward for children who are focusing and working hard, as they can be suctioned to whatever work surface the child is working on, and provide them with sensory input as they have a break!

WARNING: This product contains small pieces and is not appropriate for children under the age of 36 months. 


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