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Calling all skaters! This swing is the perfect addition to any backyard or sensory set-up, as it encourages children to challenge their balance skills as well as shifting their weight as they swing on this unique swing. Swinging in any form activates the vestibular, or inner-ear system, that helps the body be aware of where it is in space. Therefore, using a swing like this could be used in several different ways to encourage children to activate their vestibular system and help develop more refined body coordination. 

This swing is designed to replicate a skateboard, with a wooden base, and a non-slip foam top. The adjustable wooden handles are there to help your child balance as they skate their way through the sky!

If your child is afraid of heights or getting off the ground in any way, this swing would be a great tool to use to slowly conquer that fear. Start with this swing on the ground, or only one or swing inches off the ground, and have your child either sit or stand on the swing while playing games that they enjoy, such as singing or eye spy. Then as they get more comfortable, the swing can slowly be risen inch by inch, until they are comfortable swinging to their heart’s content!

Warning: This swing should only be used under adult supervision, and is designed for children 5 and up. 


  • Weight: 1 lb

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