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Product Description

For many sensory seekers there is something strangely satisfying about string. In the right hands it becomes a versatile form of entertainment. You can pull it, twirl it, twist it, dangle it, tie it, and now you can lightly chew on it. The Silicone Texture String is 10 inches long and made of silicone, so it’s safe to chew and comes in 5 different colors with 4 different textures. This ensures that the string will feel good whether it is being chewed on or fidgeted with. Most of the texture is concentrated at the end of the strings, subtly directing sensory seekers to chew on the ends where the string is most durable. These strings are perfect for people who want a fun fidget that they can lightly chew on. 

These strings are dishwasher safe so cleaning them can be easily added to your routine. 

If you have a favorite texture or color string, please let us know in the order comments box at checkout, and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

Colors and textures will vary


  • Weight: 1 lb

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