Sensory Input Variety Pack – Child



Weighted Animal Choice
Pressure Squeezer Choice
Night Light Choice
Aromatherapy Squish Choice
Inflatable Seat Option
Bubble Popper Choice

Product Description

This is the perfect pack for the child who loves all things sensory! As a variety pack, these products have been hand-selected to each cater to a particular sensory input, from aroma, to auditory, to textural, to fidgeting, to visual, and more! This is also a great starter kit for those who want to explore the sensory world and may not be sure what their favorite kind of sensory input is–with this pack, they’re free to explore all kinds of sensory categories and find their favorite!

This Sensory Input Variety Pack includes:

  • Your choice of Weighted Animal (weight and textural input)
  • Your choice of Night Light – Rocket (pictured), Unicorn (pictured), or Puppy (visual input)
  • Your choice of a Dino Dude scented clip-on (aroma input)
  • Your choice of Inflatable Hopper Ball or Inflatable Sensory Seat (gross motor support, pump included)
  • Puppy Pressure Squeezer
  • Textured Ringlet Chewable Fidget (oral motor input)
  • Bubble Popper (auditory and fidgeting) 
  • Twist Cube Snake (fidgeting)


  • Weight: 1 lb

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