Sensory Input Variety Pack (6 to 35 Months)




Product Description

This pack was designed specifically for babies and young toddlers! Sensory input can be very important to babies’ development and growth — so we grouped this set of products together to help them explore and learn about the world around them! Each product was hand-picked to provide a specific skill or input so that you get the best of what we have to offer in one easy set!

This Sensory Input Variety Pack (6 to 35 months) includes: 

  • Cute Squishable Water Squirter/Squeezer (Fine Motor Skills)
  • Whirly Squig (Gross Motor and Oral Input)
  • Dino Silicone Grip Dish (Textural Input and Eating)
  • Triangular-shaped Sensory Ball (Textural Input)

  • Striped-texture Sensory Ball (Textural  Input) 
  • Nubby See Me Ball (Textural Input and Visual Tracking)
  • Flexible wooden caterpiller
  • Wooden Stacking puzzle
  • Textured EZ-Grip Teether



  • Weight: 10 lb

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