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Bumpas Hug Buddy Color Choice

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This gift set is a great option for anyone you know who needs a hug! It’s especially perfect for high school and college students during exams or the holiday season – they need a little extra love! This set includes a Bumpas Weighted Hug Buddy, Sensory Soothing Sand, a Magnetic Slider Fidget, and Aloe Sensory Socks.

Bumpas Weighted Hug Buddy – A friendly monster that gives the best hugs – the weighted kind! Each weighs 2.5 lbs and comes in 4 different colors.

Sensory Soothing Sand – This Sensory Sand isn’t like your ordinary sand! Soft and squishy but super sculptable, this sand comes in a 2 oz tin and is the perfect handful for anyone who needs a quick sensory break!

Magnetic Slider Fidget – A new, addicting fidget toy now at your fingertips – its magnetic pull will lure you in with its satisfying silent slide. Each half of this mini fidgety toy come with small hidden magnets that are perfect for keeping your hands busy.

Aloe Sensory Socks – Infused with natural aloe vera, these ultra-hydrating spa socks prevent and soften callouses, and restore moisture to dry, cracked feet. You can wear them to bed for easy overnight care, or just around the house while you’re relaxing!


  • Weight: 1 lb

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