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Product Description

This School Support Kit has everything your child needs to keep focused and on-task in the classroom and on assignments at home! Each fidget in this kit was hand-picked for being discreet, durable, and able to be used with one hand or less – ideal for a classroom setting to keep your child focused without distracting others. You will also receive an Activity Sheet to explain a little bit about each product along with ideas on how to use each fidget in a way that will help your child focus on the task at hand!

Each School Support Kit includes:

  • Textured Circle Donut
  • Textured Focus Strip
  • Flip Fidget
  • Fidget Counter
  • Wrist Weight
  • Focus Football
  • Un-poppable Ball
  • Chair Banz
  • Slow-Rise Stress Squeeze
  • Textured Pencil
  • Texture Leaf
  • Zipper Storage Bag
  • Activity Sheet


  • Weight: 1 lb

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