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Product Description

The Safari Colored Smencils® 10-Pack includes 10 gourmet scented colored pencils that are made from 100% recycled newspapers. Each Safari Colored Smencil® has a colored writing core, colored body, and comes packaged in its own recyclable plastic freshness tube. You will receive 1 each of the 10 scents.

Safari Colored Smencils Features:
  • Made from 100% recycled newspapers
  • Packaged in recyclable plastic freshness tubes
  • Colored bodies and colored writing cores
  • Scents are guaranteed to last for 2 years.
  • Colored Pencils.


  • Bubble Gum (pink)
  • Wild Cherry (red)
  • Passion Fruit (purple)
  • Blueberry (blueberry)
  • Pineapple (green)
  • Juicy Apple (light green)
  • Banana (yellow)
  • Mango (orange)
  • Kiwi Fruit (brown)
  • Blackberry (black)


  • Weight: 1 lb

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