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pipSquigz Ringlets provide all of the satisfying pop! of a suction cup with the added satisfaction of being in a convenient ring, making it easy to pop and unpop to your hearts content!

This BPA-free, safe-to-mouth fidget provides auditory input for those seeking extra input that they themselves control. Each of the silicone rings are textured, which individuals can use to help self-soothe in stressful situations. 

While the auditory aspect of this fidget might not make it ideal to have in a classroom setting, it is still an excellent fidget to have and use as part of a Sensory Break. Breaking up your child’s workload into manageable chucks with periods of sensory breaks allows your child to meet their sensory needs and then return to whatever task they were previously completing refreshed and ready to work!

Each ring is sold separately and colors may vary. 



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