Rectangle Aquapod with Water Beads Indoor/Outdoor Sensory Play Pad (1 in Stock)



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Product Description


For an outdoor sensory play, this movable lagoon is the next best thing to cooling off in an ocean or pool—only better, because this translucent, Caribbean-blue pod can be placed anywhere in your backyard. Kids can jump, roll, lie, sit, make waves, chase the fish, and just giggle and giggle. Spray the top to add an extra layer of cool to the floating fun.

Crafted of sturdy vinyl, it includes 12 colorful “large” fish inside. Add extra fishies to the fun and see how the movement of the water affects them! Fill with a standard garden hose!

It is not recommended to leave AquaPods on grass for an extended period of time, as that will affect grass growth. Max. weight 300 lbs. Adult setup and supervision required.

For an indoor sensory play pad we have included 8  ounces of water beads  to use your water bead play pad indoors. For indoor use, pour the water beads provided into the Mat. Add water and enjoy the sensory squishy mat indoors. We recommend placing you mat on a couple beach towels to keep anything sharp on the floor from puncturing the mat. Adding a strand of multicolored LED lights adds a fun effect to your pad. 





  • Weight: 5 lb

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