Rainbow Twirler with Motor




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Product Description

Add some color to your day with this Rainbow Twirler–complete with it’s own motor so it can twirl for as long as you want it to! Dazzle your friends! Daze your enemies! And captivate your audience with a colorful array or remarkable rainbow shapes. Give it a whirl a tilt, a spin, and a swirl to create amazing colors, sparkles and shapes. Watch as it expands, contracts, and contorts in all its glistening glory.

This magical mesmerizing Rainbow Twirler is the perfect party favor. Fun for all ages (almost), this vibrant delight is suitable for those aged 4 and over. Dimensions: 7 1/2”L x 3”W

Perfectly packaged for gift-giving, great for parties, play dates, and impressing your mates, this rainbow twirler makes a great pocket money toy or a clever gift with a twist! Take it for a spin!

Dimensions: W-7.7″ H-1.7″ L-0″


  • Weight: 1 lb

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