Pull ‘n Pop Keychain – Bug

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A classic popper, now with a twist! This fun popper keychain is shaped like a cool bug, and at the center of each of the three bubbles is a thin silicone antenna that you can use to pull the bubble back up after you pop it! This gives a different sensory experience than your traditional popper where you push the bubble back and forth.

This style of popper is also an excellent way to get your kids practicing important fine motor skills! Pushing the bubble in works on finger isolation, and pulling it out can work on a tripod grip (with three fingers) or a pincer grip (with two fingers)! Working on either of these grips is a great way to build up the important muscles in those fingers and the foundational skills of a good grasp, which will improve manual dexterity and ability to eventually master more complex tasks like handwriting or tying shoes. Plus it’s just plain fun to do!


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