Professor Pengelly’s Putty – Mermaid Glitter Green



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Product Description

For those of you who’ve ever wanted to know what mermaids are made of… well, we’re pretty sure it isn’t mermaid glitter green putty, but you can dream. This sparkly non-Newtonian fluid (science!) sure has all the charm of a brilliant magical mermaid.

Rendered in glittery green, this Mermaid Glitter Green Putty can be pushed, pulled and prodded into a variety of shapes (including, yes, a Mermaid, if you’re so inclined and suitably skillful in your sculpting). With such versatility, it’ll be hard to decide what you want your putty to be next. Whatever you decide, though, this putty will contain just a little bit of magic in it. Well, it won’t, but there’s glitter by the truckload, which pretty much makes up for it. 

Putty has many different uses to help target many different behaviors!

  • When your child is getting frustrated with a task, you can encourage them to take a brain break, and work on the putty. This will help children get their mind off of whatever was previously frustrating them, and give them time to process through their emotions in a safe and productive way. 
  • If you child is struggling with fine motor tasks, such as buttoning their clothes or tying their shoes, hiding beads in putty and encouraging your children to find the “hidden treasure” is a great activity to encourage developing fine motor strength and coordination. 
  • Putty can also a great way to encourage children to use both of their hands, which works on Bilateral Coordination. Some ways to get your child to engage with the putty with both hands, is to encourage them so stretch the putty to make “snakes!” Once they stretch the putty, they can use both of their hands to roll the putty on the table into an even longer snake. Finally, when their snake is too long, have them gather up all of the putty and use both of their hands to reform the putty back into a ball. 


Putty will conform to any shape it is left in. Therefore, it should stay on hard surfaces, ideally in the container when not in use. Putty should NEVER be left on carpet, on clothes, or put into pockets, it will stick and be difficult to remove. 

This product can contain small pieces and therefore is not appropriate for children under 36 months. 


  • Weight: 1 lb

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