Yoga Sensory Set




Product Description

This special set is designed to help little ones have fun fun and stay mindful with yoga! The centerpiece is a wonderful book, I Am the Jungle; A Yoga Adventure by Melissa Hurt and Illustrated by Katy Tanis, which will take your child on a guided yoga adventure! We also include a Hoberman Mini Sphere Breathing Ball, an intricate, retractable ball that gives visual sensory input as well as acting as a deep breathing aid–inhaling as you pull the ball into shape, and exhaling as you squish it back down. You will also receive a Quad Ball Pressure Squeezer which can help reduce stress and provides textural and visual input. And last but not least, you get to choose a weighted neck wrap in your favorite design! The neck wrap doubles as a yoga aid–if you place it on your core while lying down, it can encourage deep breathing and strengthening your core! You get to choose between a a cute fox, a sleepy owl, or a super soft and textured navy blue.

This set includes:

-1 I Am the Jungle; A Yoga Adventure book

-1 Hoberman Mini Sphere Breathing Ball

-1 Quad Ball

-1 Neck Wrap of your choice


  • Weight: 1 lb

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