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Thor is a floppy pawed, plush Leonberger puppy whose big heart will soon be matched by his big size! With Saint Bernards and other large sized mountain dogs in their ancestry, it’s no surprise that Leonbergers can get so big! Thor features high quality plush materials that will melt in your arms whenever you pick him up for a cuddle. Bean-filled paws and a slightly understuffed, floppy body style make him that much more irresistible! Thor’s soulful, brown eyes and a soft, leatherette nose lends this endearing stuffed animal his lifelike, puppy-ish look and dog lovers everywhere just can’t seem to get enough. Adopt Thor and bring home your very own Leonberger puppy today!

Thor is extra comforting because he weighs 6 pounds! He makes the perfect soothing lap pad for all ages.

Weight: 4 lbs

Measures: 19″ long


  • Weight: 1 lb

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