OgoDisk Set with Soft Ball and Bash Birdie




Product Description

This OgoDisk set is a great way to release some extra energy and have some fun in the sun! The disk’s foam construction makes it waterproof and it won’t sink in the pool or ocean. The trampoline center is strong enough to catch and throw balls up to 150 feet! Bouncing something up and down on the OgoDisk is a great way to practice hand-eye coordination and get some fun exercise! This exclusive set also comes with two different things to hit with your OgoDisk – the Ogo Soft Ball and the Bash Birdie! The Ogo Soft ball is soft and light, measures 2.5″ and is great for indoor or outdoor play; the Bash Birdie is a colorful¬† multi-pronged “ball” that measures 4.25″ in diameter and works the same way as a traditional badminton birdie, but has a larger surface area to hit and a great high-flying response.

Use this fun set to play frisbee, catch, baseball, or any number of other outdoor games!


OgoDisk measures 12″ in diameter and is perfect for kids 4 and up but is fun for the whole family!


  • Weight: 1 lb

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