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Product Description

This thoughtfully designed and custom-made Mini Textured Busy Mat gives restless hands something to do! A Stacy’s Sensory Solutions original, this mat has a variety of different types of sensory stimulation including texture, visual, and auditory input to engage the mind as well as the hands. This miniature version of our original design is perfect for more discreet fidgeting on the go! Made with different fabrics, fastenings, and trinkets, there is something for everyone! The Mini Busy Mat has a stay-put mesh backing that helps it stay in place in the lap or on the tabletop for easy fidgeting. Each mat is designed with beautifully coordinated colors and patterns so that each mat is charming and unique! The mat can be washed and dried on normal cycles. The mini mat is approximately 8×10 inches.

Due to the unique nature of the Busy Mats, the colors/styles will vary. If you have a style preference, give us a call/email and we’d be happy to send you pictures of the Mats we have available!


  • Weight: 1 lb

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