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Product Description

Mini Paint Sticks by Little Brian is a set of 12 vibrant colors.

Water soluble and child friendly, the Mini Paint Sticks have solid colorful paint that you literally twist up and down, exactly like a glue stick! So, there is no need for water (that always gets dirty!) or brushes (that you only have to clean afterwards!) Available in 12 different colors, these super silky paints use strong vibrant colors and can be used on all sorts of surfaces including paper, card, canvas and wood!

  • Little Brian has been one of the leading manufacturers of children’s paint, glue and art materials in the schools and nurseries since 1973
  • A fun, clean and convenient way to paint – the latest must have product for any arts fan
  • No need for brushes, water or the usual mess that comes with painting
  • The solid paint sticks twist up and down like a glue stick
  • Dries within minutes of use

Using these mess-free paint sticks helps with developing Fine Motor control. Use these to paint on a vertical surface, such as a canvas or paper taped on a wall to help your child develop the optimal wrist position for writing. They aid with using motor planning and developing creativity,  Plus, such an activity can create opportunity for conversational interaction and increased vocabulary.



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