Mini Monstar Squishems





Product Description

Is it a mini-pillow or a maxi-charm? Even better – its both! Squishems Monstars mini pillow charms are soft, scented, and super fun. Each Squishem comes with a clip making it the perfect charm for your backpack, lunch tote or purse. The fabric shell with embroidered accents is made from soft plush fur, the microbead fill is fun to squish and smoosh, and the watermelon scent is so… yummy!

Scent is a very powerful sensory tool and can either be stimulating or calming. Therefore, this adorable squishem can be used in one of two ways. Adding this to your child’s backpack could be used as a reward at school that they work for, or it could be another tool to add to the sensory tool-kit that they use to help them focus. 

Measures approximately 4″ in diameter – a great size for any 18″ doll’s bedroom, too!

 Design will vary, but if you have a strong preference, please make a note of it in the order comments at checkout, and we will do our best to accommodate you!

Appropriate for…


Cognitive engagement      

  • Jigsaw puzzle   

Let’s Move

  • Fine motor support                                  





  • Weight: 1 lb

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