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This Mindfulness Set is a great thing to leave on a desk for whenever you need a brain break from difficult work. It comes with a tin of Jixelz pieces and a tin of Plus Plus pieces, as well as a bamboo tray to use keep them on. Jixels are tiny puzzle pieces that can fit together to make patterns, or just randomly in whatever order you want! Fitting together such tiny pieces requires precision and thought, which make it perfect for a mindful activity for rebooting your brain from whatever other task it’s been working on. Plus Plus pieces are also tiny puzzle pieces, but they are all shaped like little plus signs, giving you more creative freedom to build in 2D or even 3D! The included bamboo tray has a raised lip on the sides so that you can build your puzzle creations on the tray without worrying about them sliding off.

Warning: Jixelz and Plus Plus are small pieces and not for children under 3.


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