Magnetic Man Fidget




Product Description

The Magnetic Man Fidget is a delightful addition to any sensory-seeking household. Their soft and bendy exterior makes holding them pleasant and bending them satisfying. Each of their limbs has a magnet attached to it, allowing them to attach to each other or any metal surface you want! They are extremely versatile, allowing you to use them as a fun fridge magnet or as an interesting set piece. You can use the magnetic men to create dramatic scenes or put them in silly positions to make the whole family laugh. You could even play hide and seek with the Magnetic Man, hiding him in different positions for people to find! The Magnetic Man is also small and portable, making it easy set him up wherever and whenever inspiration (or boredom) strikes!

The Magnetic Man is a great addition to any collection of magnetic fidgets or toys you may have. The Magnetic Man works especially well with magnetic base we have included, allowing you to pose your magnetic man on any table or desk! 


  • Weight: 1 lb

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