Magic Bubble Bear



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Product Description

The Magic Bubble Bear is a lot of bubble fun with many therapeutic benefits.  It requires the child to squeeze and hold the bear tummy to raise the bubble maker from the liquid.  This benefits Fine Motor (finger strengthening and pressure control).  

The deep breathing required to blow bubbles is great for relaxation and stress relief. Also, the particular type of breathing used to blow bubbles—pursed-lip breathing— increases pressure on the airways, which helps keep them open. … You can add this to your sensory calm-down routine and guide your child through deep breathing exercises while they blow bubbles. You can also engage in visual imagery by stating that by popping the bubbles they are making the negative feelings go away. 

Design features are:  Wand pops out of his head (no lost wand).

Holds 6 ounces of bubble solution.

Bear color choice will vary.  Good for ages 3 and up.


  • Weight: 3 lb

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