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Product Description

This set is the perfect companion to all of your Mad Mattr needs! Mad Mattr is a super cool sensory compound that is super-soft (like kinetic sand) that shapes easily. Press it, mold it, knead it, stretch it, squeeze it, squish it, sculpt it, shape it, build it – or just pull it slow and watch it flow! And clean up is a breeze, since it sticks to itself and not to you. Mad Mattr also never dries out no matter how long it’s left out, which makes the included sturdy play tray is an excellent way to have a clean, contained play space – no more mess on the carpet! Besides this handy play tray, this set also includes a set of alphabet molds, which have a variety of fun ways to incorporate learning into playtime. You can bury the letters in the Mad Mattr for your child to dig out which builds up important muscles in their hands and fingers that will help develop their fine-motor skills. Another option is to have your child pack the molds, one letter at a time, with the Mad Mattr so that they can build up their familiarity with each letter in a super tactile, hands-on way!

Mad Mattr’s unique formula is non-toxic, and gluten-, casein- and wheat-free.


  • Weight: 1 lb

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