LumiPet Squishy Night Light




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Product Description

LumiPets® are the most technologically innovative, kid and parent loved childhood friend offered on the market today! With its changing lights and modes, LumiPets® offer all-day play, engaging visual input, and a squishy night light for sleep anxiety. The soft silicone  cover offers sensory input through touch, visual input and pressure and is  removable for cleaning. 

Soothing Light: 9 glowing colors with easy tap control

Portable: LumiPets travel with you

Educational: Easy, fun way to learn colors

Soft and Safe: Made from high-quality silicone that never gets warm

Remote: Control your brightness and sleep timer

Rechargeable: Supports all-day play. Up to 12 hours on a single charge! 


  • Weight: 1 lb

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