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The Looking For Letters putty set is one of a series of sets designed by Stacy’s Sensory Solutions.  These exclusive sets feature themed alphabet Find-Its paired with Professor Pengelly’s Ice Blast–a clear putty that looks like water to enhance the enjoyment of discovery while getting the therapeutic benefits of the activity.

This amazing putty never dries out. You can sculpt it, stretch it, tear it, bounce it, or shatter it.  The clear Ice Blast Putty makes a perfect medium for seeing and digging for the letters. All Uppercase and Lowercase letters are included. Working with this putty is excellent for building hand and finger strength and providing tactile sensory input. Squeezing putty is great for stress relief and anxiety reduction.  This set is good for letter or color identification activities or for matching uppercase with lowercase pairs.

This product contains small parts, which may pose a choking hazard, making it not advisable for children under 36 months


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