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Bring the cool with you anytime, anywhere with the FANtastic LED hands free neck fan, designed to keep you cool no matter where you go! This is a great tool for those who struggle with temperature regulation, or are sensitive to temperature changes. Say goodbye to sweaty pores, smudged makeup, and messed up hair – this wearable, portable neck fan keeps you looking great even in the highest heat! Adjust our around-the-neck fan for your preference and use. Use it on a low speed at the office, or at a high speed for a run on a hot day! Don’t get slowed down by your fan running out of juice! This battery lasts up to 3 hours on high speed, and recharges quickly to keep you cool. Enjoy a comfortable, lightweight fan with easy-to-adjust arms that sit easily on your neck. Plus, turn on or off the included LEDs for a fun light to keep you seen day or night!




  • Weight: 1 lb

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