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Play dough is a classic sensory compound, but this version has an extra sensory twist! Made with all-natural ingredients, these fun jars of dough are also lightly scented for that extra bit of sensory input. Each jar of dough also comes with a handful of small trinkets and toys that you can fold in and bury in the dough – digging these toys back out of the dough is a great way to work on important muscles in your hands and fingers that are essential for building more complex fine motor skills such as handwriting or tying shoes!

The Large Magical Jars are the perfect size for birthday and holiday gifts, rewards for good grades, entertainment on long car rides, and more! 

With three different themes, you’re sure to find your perfect Magical Dough!



In order of volume: All purpose flour*, Water, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Cream of Tartar, a few drops of Food coloring, a few drops of skin safe fragrance oil or essential oil.

*Contains gluten.


Ages 3+


  • Weight: 1 lb

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