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Product Description

Classic puzzle fun becomes an adventure in pixelated creativity! Manipulating the tiny puzzle shaped pieces together to make a picture, pattern, or shape is great for developing your child’s fine motor skills. In addition, putting the pieces together is a relaxing mindfulness exercise that keeps the hands and mind engaged and allows for emotional regulation. 

Each set comes with 700 vibrant, precision-cut micro jigsaw pieces. Follow the instructions to transform the tiny pixel puzzle pieces into vibrant designs.

Create a cat and a dog with this super fun Playful Pets Set!

Or – Why not get creative and invent your own designs? 

All Jixelz hold together strong – no ironing needed! 

Let your big ideas shine bright with the Jixelz 700 pc Sets!

Jixelz 700 pc Set

  • Sets of 700 colorful jigsaw-shaped building pieces for making colorful designs
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, creativity, planning
  • A fascinatingly fun and simple adventure in creativity
  • Sets each include 700 Jixel pieces
  • Sets include instructions for building 2 designs at the same time
  • Jixelz hold together strong – No ironing needed!
  • High quality materials – Exceptional crafting experience

Choking hazard due to tiny pieces and not full children under 6.

Come to our Dallas showroom to see Jixels as well as our other sets that promote fine motor support through building and creating.  


  • Weight: 1 lb

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