Jellyfish Chair



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Product Description

This stylish Jellyfish Chair is more than just looks! This chair allows a child or adult to be actively sitting while focusing on the tasks at hand.  Three reasons why active seating is important:

Improves posture and muscle tone – Active seating engages the abdominal core muscles increasing muscle tones and allows for the student or adult to keep a correct posture. 

Sensory input –Keep those kids burning energy with active seating!  The sensory input they receive from any sensory seating helps their muscles receive the stimulus they crave.  Perfect for those who can’t keep still for long periods of time, sensory seating allows kids and adults to move around in ways that won’t disrupt those around them.

Increases brain functions –Through constant movement, the heart is able to pump blood faster throughout the body.  With an increase of blood flow means more oxygen is reaching the brain which prompts focus and better knowledge retention.



  • Weight: 5 lb

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