Handwriting Support Pack




Product Description

We know that handwriting can be a particularly difficult skill to master, especially for those who struggle with fine motor control. This set is designed to specifically strengthen finger and hand muscles that are key to controlling a pen or pencil. Full of fun tools and activities, this is the perfect way to make practicing handwriting fun!

This Handwriting Support Pack includes the following:

  • Fine Motor Tool Set with Pick-Up Pieces
  •      Test tube, handy scooper, jumbo tweezers, gator grabber, squeezy tweezerz, tri-grip tongs, tongs pick-up pieces
  • Professor Pengelly UV Putty
  • Putty Pick-Up Pieces
  • 3-Step Grip Training Set 
  • 1 small claw grip
  • 1 medium claw grip
  • Squishy Grip Pencil
  • Y-Pencil (Twist ‘n Write Pencil)
  • Jumbo Pencil Grip     
  • 2 Animal Clips



  • Weight: 10 lb

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