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Do you know someone who has trouble doing daily tasks because they struggle with joint pain in their hands? They could use this set! Everything in this set was carefully selected to help with joint pain or doing everyday tasks that can be difficult with hand pain.

Large Loop Scissors –┬áInstead of traditional handles, these scissors have a big loop that just requires gentle pressure to close, and then they open back up on their own as you let go. This gives the user increased strength and control when using them.

Silicone Jar Opener –┬áThese handy jar openers can open jars of almost any size and are made of durable, high-grip silicone which make them the perfect kitchen companion! Each pack comes with two jar openers, so you’ll be sure to have one on hand when you need it!

Birdie Box Cutter –┬áThis smart cutting tool boasts a micro ceramic blade, which stays sharper longer than traditional metal blades and never rusts! Its sleek design is safer for fingers and has a rubberized finish for easy grip. Perfect for cutting paper and ┬áclam shell packaging or opening boxes safely and efficiently.┬á

Tangle Therapy –┬áThis twistable therapy device is an ergonomic approach to hand therapy, minor stress relief, smoking cessation, building fine motor skills, and much more. Soft, texturized rubber bumps on this Tangle provide a one-of-a-kind sensory and tactile experience in your hands. The motion is calming and fun!

Gumball Squish Ball –┬áThis fantastic squish delights everyone that squeezes it! Filled with a super soft gel, it has a light and very satisfying resistance to it that you can’t find with any other pressure squeezer.

Foam Tubes – These clever foam tubes slip onto common household items to give you more comfort and control while using them. Each tube is a different size to accomadate a variety of different items, from silverware, to a toothbrush, to a crochet hook, or more! (Please note: utensil, toothbrush, and nail file shown in picture are not included in the set, just shown for examples!)┬á



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