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Make bedtime easier with this sweet Going To Bed Blanket. This sensory tools using both calming through pressure and a social story book to enhance your child’s bedtime routine. This charming 3 pound weighted pad  has 6 pockets, each of which contains an adorable plush animal with its very own bedtime story.

Not only does using this blanket reinforce a bedtime routine, it also promotes parent/child bonding. You can read the included bedtime storybook together, and help your child tuck each animal into its own bed to sleep. When they’re all tucked in, it’s time for your child to be tucked under his Going To Bed Blanket with all his animal friends and drift  off to dreamland, too! Goodnight, little one. Sleep tight! 

Includes a parent guide, as well as a bedtime storybook. Each blanket measures approximately 26.5″ x 16.5″.


  • Weight: 1 lb

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