Gobble It Up MOX Finger Strengthening Set (Out of Stock)




Product Description

Gobble It Up MOX is a ball with a big mouth. He likes to talk, laugh, sing, and most of all, he likes to eat. He eats marbles, coins, and other things that rumble nicely in his stomach. MOX also enjoys rolling, being thrown and caught. MOX comes with a SET of interesting items for him to “bite” and deposit in the bucket.  As your child pinches the sides of MOX’s mouth, MOX opens up wide to gobble up his next snack. Pinching MOX will help to strengthen your child’s fingers and hands. Hand  and finger strength is a precursor to many important skills, such as hand writing, buttoning, and tying shoes. 

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Warning: This set contains small balls, and is not suited for children under the age of 36 months. 



  • Weight: 3 lb

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