Game On Scented Squishems Back Pack Clips



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Squishem Choice

Product Description

The Game On Scented Squishems are a scented stuffed plush that come attached with a key-chain. Each Scented Game On Squishem is filled with super soft stuffing with bubblegum scented beads. 

Choose between a football, soccer ball, basketball, or video game controller! Pick your favorite or collect them all!

Scent is a very powerful sensory tool and can either be stimulating or calming. Therefore, this can be used in one of two ways. Adding this to your child’s backpack could be used as a reward at school that they work for, or it could be another tool to add to the sensory tool-kit that they use to help them focus. 

All squishems are approximately 3″ across.


  • Weight: 1 lb

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