Focus Survival Kit




Product Description

We know that getting your child to focus can be a difficult task, so we’ve come up with a set of products that were handpicked to be the perfect fidgets to promote focus. Each one is able to be used one-handed (or no-handed!), mindlessly, and quietly! 

Globby Man: A fun, high-resistance pressure squeezer

Tickles Texture Roller: Roll it back and forth across a table with one hand or under the foot for tactile input during e learning to help keep the brain engaged

Massage Rings: Perfect for tactile sensory input–roll them up and down your fingers for sensory and tactile stimulation 

Loopeez Mini Fidget: A perfect inconspicuous fidget that’s easy and fun to manipulate with 1 hand

Fidget Counter: A silent clicker with a satisfying button to press that counts your clicks

Mesh and Marble Fidget: Nylon mesh that contains a marble which can be pushed back and forth with one hand

Chair Kick Banz: Strong lycra fabric banz that goes around the two front legs of a chair and allows your child to swing/kick out their legs without disturbing those around them


  • Weight: 1 lb

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