Foam Alive Hourglass



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Introducing SloFlo, a new compound that comes to life when you play with it! Compress it into any shape; a ball, mountain, square, any shape at all, and it slowly separates and starts to flow like magic. Almost looks like there is something alive inside if it! You have to see and feel it to believe it!

This cool hourglass comes with two different colors of SloFlo to play with and the hourglass container serves as a container for the Sloflo when your child is not playing with it. 

Your child will be mesmerized as the SloFlo drips out of their hands! This sensory compound is also great for children working on fine motor control, as small toys can be hidden within the SloFlo to be dug out. As your child hunts for all of the toys hidden within the SloFlo, they are building their fine motor skills, as well as their ability to visually scan and locate different objects. These skills are essential, especially within the classroom, where your child’s visual skills are tested every time they look at the board, and where their fine motor skills are required every time their write their name! Play-time activities like this give them opportunities to hone their skills, which helps them succeed in every area of life!

You can choose between a combination of two cool tones (blue, green, and purple), or two neon colors (yellow, pink, orange, and lime green)!

Each hourglass only comes with two colors. Colors within the chosen scheme will vary.


  • Weight: 1 lb

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