Flip-Flop Spinning Top with Tray




Product Description

This cool top will turn your world upside down! If you spin this top in just the right way and with enough force then it will flip itself upside down mid-spin! It will continue spinning upside down until it runs out of energy, and then you can spin it all over again! This makes a great desk gift for an adult or older teen – the top does require a certain amont of force and finesse to spin it correctly, which makes it a fun challenge for adults, but tricky for children. 

The top also comes with a ceramic tray that’s great for display and organization as well as a perfect place to spin the top – the gently sloped edges mean that the top won’t spin off the edge of your table. The top itself is made with metal and has a satisfying weight to it when you hold or spin it!


  • Weight: 1 lb

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