Fine Motor Tool Set with Pick-up Pieces

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Product Description

With this amazing Fine Motor Tool Set, you can “get a grip” on working on fine motor skills!  The set will allow your child or student to practice with scooping, grabbing, squeezing, and pinching as he or she improves hand and finger strength and control.  Included in this large set are:  TOOLS – Gator Grabber Tweezer, Handy Scooper, Squeezy Tweezers, Twisty Dropper, and Jumbo Tweezers.  Each tool aids with finger and hand control and strengthening, developing pincer grasp (great for pre-handwriting skills),  and developing hand/eye coordination; TUBES for SORTNG; WATER BEADS; Lidded Storage Container for holding small pieces or for water beads; PICK-UP PIECES – the pick-up pieces are interesting and aid in categorizing, sorting, and controlling the tool. Discussing the ways to sort items helps to build conversational intelligence.

Having all of this in one convenient set is more economical and provides a nice variety of possible skill activities.  The individual tools can also be seen on our website under Fine Motor Skills and Hand/Eye Coordination.

This product contains small parts, which may pose a choking hazard, making it not advisable for children under 36 months


  • Weight: 5 lb

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