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Talking about feelings can be hard, especially when you’re having lots of big feelings without knowing how to express them. This set was designed to give kids the tools to express and communicate their feelings in productive ways.

  • Express Your Feelings Sensory Bottles
    • These innovative sensory bottles help children with expressing and understanding emotions. Whether happy or sad, scared or angry, these mesmerizingĀ bottles will help children practiceĀ self-awareness, self-management, and social awareness. Includes an activity guide to help get you started on ways to use these bottles with your child.
  • Letā€™s Talk About Our Feelings Deck
    • These sentence completion cards prompt kids and adults to express whatā€™s really on their minds. Share thoughts, feelings, and dreams, as well as open the door to fun and engaging stories. The front of the cards offer sentence completion prompts and the back has follow up questions to learn more and expand on the topics!
  • See My Feelings Mirror
    • This fun hand-held mirror has 6 different emotion slides that pop into the mirror, so your child can see the emotion, and what it looks like on someone’s face, and then try to copy it themselves! This is a great way to help kids identify what emotions others are feeling based on facial expression, as well as helping them know what certain emotions look like on their own face.


  • Weight: 1 lb

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