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It can be difficult to carve out time dedicated to coming together as a family, which is why we made this bundle! Each product in it was hand-picked to be a fun activity that the whole family can do together, creating fun memories together while working on important social skills like sharing and taking turns. This set is geared specifically for families with teenagers.

  • “Why Can’t We Get Along?” Card Game
    • This card game is a great way to learn how to discuss important core values and beliefs without defensiveness, judgment, or anger. It’s a way to start the conversation with an open mind, listen, and be heard.
  • MOZA Brick
    • This cool construction set lets you take a picture, send it off, and get a pattern back to recreate the picture using the bricks in this set! It’s like a puzzle and building set all in one, plus when you’re done, you have a cool and unique photo you can hang in your home!
      • HOW IT WORKS:
        • Buy a Construction Set
        • Visit mozabrick.cominsert a 6-digit code, upload and customize your image
        • Receive the assembly diagram to your email address
        • Start building! It is fun for the whole family or with friends!

        WHAT YOU GET:

        • 5800 bricks in 5 monochrome colors
        • 4 base plates to assemble the pixel art
        • 9 baseplate connectors
        • 1 mounting tool
        • 1 mount for the finished picture
        • Instruction brochure
        • CODE for unlimited mosaic picture generation


        • Recommended for age 14+
        • Assembly time: approximately 12 hours
        • Brick colors: white, light gray, gray, dark gray, and black
        • Construction bricks are made of plastic
        • The finished picture size is 20×20 in (51х51 cm)


  • Weight: 1 lb

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