Durable Fidget Pack




Product Description

Sometimes we all have anxiety, aggression, or frustration that’s a little too strong for our everyday fidgets – that’s where this pack comes in! Each fidget in this set is hand-picked to be nearly impossible to pop, tear, or break, which makes it perfect for those times when you really need to let out some frustration or work through a lot of anxiety. With a selection of of pressure squeezers, durable fidgets, and sensory fidgets, everything in this pack is sure to help you regulate your emotions without having to worry about broken products.

The Durable Fidget Pack includes:

  • Unpoppable Ball
  • 2 Fidget Pouches (1 soft, 1 firm)
  • Tough Twister Fidget
  • Stretchy Noodle
  • Magnetic Rings
  • Hand Strengthening Ring
  • Snapper Fidget
  • Spinner
  • Spiky Ball
  • Loopeez
  • Pixio Magnetic Blocks Stick (small pieces, not for children under 3)


  • Weight: 1 lb

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