Draw with Mom! The Two-Person Doodle Book



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What’s the one thing better than drawing? Drawing with MOM! 

In this unique parent-child doodle book, moms and their kids create joint works of art by following over 100 creative prompts that get them both working on the same drawing. Co-create a castle, a cake, or the perfect petting zoo as you talk, laugh―and most importantly, bond―during hours of drawing, doodling fun! You’ll also find mini conversation starters to get you talking along the way. Your first prompt awaits . . . let’s go!

Child: Create matching friend shirts! Talk about some possible ideas. Maybe peanut butter on one and jelly on the other, a salt shaker on one and pepper on the other, or even a half heart on each. Draw the first shirt here, then . . .

Mom:. . . draw the second shirt design here!

Conversation Starter: Why did you pick the design you did? Does it represent anything special?


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