Curve Ball for Fidgeting and Problem Solving (Out of Stock)



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Product Description

The Curve Ball is a chain of 8 different balls the move and click into place. Can you twist into a square or a rectangle? This puzzle includes 18 different puzzle challenges to keep your child’s hands moving as they click, twist, and rotate the balls into place!

This fidget is perfect of all cognitive levels, as it could be used to challenge and stimulate children who enjoy puzzles, but it could also be used as a fidget to keep a child’s hands busy to allow they brain to focus on a task. 

While your child fidget with the Curve ball, they are building hand strength as well as the coordination to twist the colored balls into many different shapes. This builds your child’s intrinsic hand muscles, which are crucial for many different tasks. such as the development of an efficient handwriting grasp as well the ability to manage all of the different grasps required when dressing yourself. 

This toy was designed for children 8+

Warning: This product contains small pieces and may pose a choking risk for children under the age of 3


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