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Product Description

Curlimals are adorable animals that can speak and react to you! You can pat their head and see them giggle, curl up, and make funny noises! They have over 50 sounds and reactions for endless fun!

There are three fun friends to choose from: Bibi the Bunny, Higgle the Hedgehog, and Blue the Badger!

  • Bibi is the sweetest, bounciest bunny around! She loves to joke and laugh, and can’t wait to laugh and play with you!
  • Higgle is the sweetest little hedgehog in the forest! He’s tricky, giggly, and loves having his soft prickles brushed, and can’t wait to play with you!
  • Blue is a playful fellow who loves to live in warm burrows by mossy logs and play tricks on his friends! He can’t wait to meet you!

Ages 3+


  • Weight: 1 lb

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